Get to know the ISS data room (Cryptacomm)

You can view a recorded training session below on how to use the ISS data room. Please note there is no sound on the video. The video covers the following topics:

  • Module 1: Welcome to Cryptacomm (how to set up your account)
  • Module 2: How to login, navigate and upload documents (how to access your account, move around your room and submit your application)
  • Module 3: How to subscribe to alerts (may be useful as notification that an application has been successfully uploaded to your data room by you or a colleague)
  • Module 4: How to view calendar events (how to view key Incentivised Switching Scheme application dates)
  • Module 5: How to view and respond to emails (this will only be used to receive and respond to clarifications raised by BCR on your application (if required), to receive email responses to queries raised by any Applicant Companies on the Q&A section and to receive and respond to any other correspondence BCR may initiate with you). Please note the email function should not be used to raise queries to BCR, click here for the query (‘Q&A’) process
  • Module 6: How to view notifications (notifications will be received on your Cryptacomm and company emails. These will include any email correspondence from BCR or any subscribe alerts you have set up)
  • Module 7: Help section (additional help on using Cryptacomm)
  • Module 8: Feedback to Knovos (how to raise feedback or technical queries to the Cryptacomm support team). Please note that technical queries should not be raised to BCR

At any time from 09:00 on 3 June to 17:00 on 14 June 2019, Applicant Companies will be able to upload their completed Application Pack to the ISS data room. Any documents submitted outside this window will not be considered. Please note that once an Application Pack is loaded onto the ISS data room, it will be regarded as the final submission for evaluation.

Applicant Companies are advised only to make use of the Cryptacomm functionality set out within this guidance (e.g. submitting an application or raising a query).

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