Raise queries about the Incentivised Switching Scheme application process and your application

Applicant Companies should raise any queries relating to their application within the ISS data room itself (using the ‘Q&A’ section in Cryptacomm – instructions below). For the purpose of transparency and fairness, answers to queries will be made available to all Applicant Companies via the BCR website FAQ as appropriate.

No confidential information regarding the Applicant Company or the application itself will be published. Incentivised Switching Scheme queries will be considered until the query deadline of 17:00 on 27 May 2019 – at which point we cannot process any further queries. BCR will aim to respond to all queries within five business days although this may take longer if the query is complex. 

Query raising instructions:

  1. Access the Q&A section in Cryptacomm by clicking on ‘Communication’ (speech bubbles icon on the left hand banner of the screen). Then click ‘Q&A’
  2. Click the ‘Ask Question’ button
  3. Type your question (the ‘Description’ box can be used if the query is over 200 characters)
  4. Click the ‘Submit’ button

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