Joining the CIF Data Room

If you plan to apply for the Capability and Innovation Fund (CIF), please email the BCR mailbox, stating the full name, company email address for the employee you have nominated to manage your application and the Application Periods for which you deem your Applicant Company eligible for and would like to apply for.

After providing this information you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your Scout data room account. You will receive access to the Application Documents for your designated application period(s) at 09:00 on the date they open.

The CIF data room is BCR’s mechanism for receiving applications and for receiving and responding to queries from Applicant Companies. Once set up, Applicants will be able to access their account, a test event and the Application Documents (once the application period is open).

BCR will run a test event on Scout, this will be open to all registered applicants from the 26th May until the 19th June. This will allow potential applicants to familiarise themselves with the Scout tool.

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