Apply for the Capability and Innovation Fund

Before you apply

As part of completing your CIF application form you will be asked to provide the following:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Statement of accounts
  3. PRA authorisation number
  4. Link to current account offering
  5. Evidence of intention to offer BCA
  6. Evidence of intention to extend offerings
  7. Business case
  8. Proof of address
  9. Certified board approval for application
  10. Public commitments 

Application forms and guidelines for supporting documentation are available to download below.


For the Capability and Innovation Fund, although you can access a reference version of the Capability and Innovation Fund application forms, formal applications are completed entirely within the Scout tool. 

Pool C

Pool D

What happens to CIF applications after they have been submitted?

All fully-completed applications will be evaluated against the eligibility criteria set out in the Capability and Innovation Fund Terms and Conditions (here). These are also reflected in the application form.

Applications are competitive for a limited number of grants and we have engaged a specialist external provider who will operate the application and assessment process from arrival of applications to detailed checking and analysis. In the interests of parity of treatment to all, this will not involve direct contact with the applicants unless specific board agreement is obtained. All communications will be run via the CIF data room, Scout RFP.

If an application is successful, the eligible body will be required to enter into a Capability and Innovation Fund Agreement with the BCR in the form set out here.

Please Note:

  • BCR will never ask Applicant Companies to send money.
  • BCR will never ask Applicant Companies to reveal individual customer information, or to provide other sensitive information unless, and where necessary and appropriate, as part of their formal application or correspondence within the application processes and environment.
  • Should you be asked to make a payment or provide information other than as part of the formal process, do not respond but please contact us immediately on
  • BCR reserves the right to cross-check and verify parties it corresponds with.

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